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FINALLY saw Star Trek Beyond! LOVED IT!
Keith Urban as McCoy just makes me smile - he had the best lines of the movie :o)

And now I'm obsessed with this song...

Have you seen this pic?!

Friends from my local Supernatural group own not one, but 2 kick-ass 1967 Impalas (check out Alice and Gertrude 67 Impala Twins on Facebook) and set up a Geeky Lil' Car Show at a local place called Grumpy's in Roseville, MN on August 20th. He took this photo and it has gone crazy bonkers viral!!

Memes have been created in several languages, some are posting that they saw this on the SPN set... it's been really fun to see it go!

Here are a couple of my pics from the day:

Best part of the day when I got to drive her!
I know pets get older. I know they can have problems with their kidneys, thyroid and blood pressure just like us humans. I know, I know, I know.... it just sucks and you just want to give them as much love and comfort as much as they give you.

What a weird, intense couple of weeks...

And this was my Friday...

Boss calls me in to her office and lets me know that a coworker is being fired that afternoon... And another one on Monday... (performance issues). Also tells me I'm getting a bonus and a raise - woo-hoo!! Oh and we have an new person starting on Monday, too...

Brought my cat Cooper in to the vet over lunch, diagnosed with kidney disease. I'm sad, but he could live another couple of years, maybe just a couple of months... but he's 15 and at least I'll know what symptoms to look out for...

Get back from vet appointment and many people are getting ready for an industry awards show they are attending and I feel my emotions are ready to ping-pong if I let them out, but I have WAY too much to do and I'm just

Oy. How was your week?

Passive Aggressive crap ranting

If you've been on Facebook, you may have seen that Jared Padalecki has been filming some ads for McDonalds. I am CRINGING at the crap that fans are slinging his way out of their "concern", aka:

Oh sweety, that's just not healthy! I get convenience (oh boy howdy do I!), but it's not real food! Start carrying apples around or something! (**worried**)

...the orange juice one was cute, but I hope you're not selling out....

I love you Jared but I'm not sure about these ads. Minute Maid one had a great message but this just seems...odd. Why do you need to be advertising for McDonalds..? I guess it's just throwing me for a loop as your FB has always seems so personal and so YOU. This seems oddly disingenuous & out of place. SUPER cute kids though!

For the love. He's a grown-ass man who decided to make some mulah in a commercial. Don't like Mickey D's? Don't eat there. Do you think he's selling out? HE'S AN ACTOR. ACTOR'S GET PAID FOR DOING COMMERCIALS. Would they be "concerned" if it was a Saxx Underware commercial? I'm guessing heck no. And the "oh-sweety's" and "this ad thing is weirding me out but your kids are super cute" stuff is PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE and that shit makes me want to

It's so easy to feel territorial within fandom. Please don't suffocate them with this shit.

*takes a deep breath, lets it out*

*end rant*
sorry/not sorry


Saw this on a friend's tumblr post, suggesting this song was perfect for Dean Winchester.

I didn't want to like it.

I really didn't want to like it.

Now I need a fanvid of Dean Winchester kicking ass with this song.

Damn it.

(PS - Apparently bands still make Motley Crue-like videos? Oy.)

Head Space

Sub-Zero temps outside, me inside with a new coffee maker, reading this hurt!Sam fic.
It's been a really good day!

Check out the author's beautiful and sometimes haunting descriptions along with wonderful hurt/angst:

Originally posted by ameliacareful at Head Space
Title: Head Space
Author: AmeliaCareful
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Gen:  Sam & Dean
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel
Word count: 15,815
Summary: A witch curses Sam leaving him blind, deaf, and bedridden. Left with only the inside of his own head and the occasional touch, Sam begins to unravel.
Spoilers: Spoilers through Season 10
Warnings: suicidal triggers, language (swearing), hospitals, NOT a death fic
Additional: Written for SPN Angst Appreciation Day

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