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Saw this on a friend's tumblr post, suggesting this song was perfect for Dean Winchester.

I didn't want to like it.

I really didn't want to like it.

Now I need a fanvid of Dean Winchester kicking ass with this song.

Damn it.

(PS - Apparently bands still make Motley Crue-like videos? Oy.)

Head Space

Sub-Zero temps outside, me inside with a new coffee maker, reading this hurt!Sam fic.
It's been a really good day!

Check out the author's beautiful and sometimes haunting descriptions along with wonderful hurt/angst:

Originally posted by ameliacareful at Head Space
Title: Head Space
Author: AmeliaCareful
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Gen:  Sam & Dean
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel
Word count: 15,815
Summary: A witch curses Sam leaving him blind, deaf, and bedridden. Left with only the inside of his own head and the occasional touch, Sam begins to unravel.
Spoilers: Spoilers through Season 10
Warnings: suicidal triggers, language (swearing), hospitals, NOT a death fic
Additional: Written for SPN Angst Appreciation Day

On AO3


May you all have a "Kick it in the ass" 2016!!

I'm doing this too!

Seems to be a popular thread on LJ lately, so I"m jumping in!

Name six movies you can watch any time without ever getting sick of them.

Hot Fuzz
National Treasure
Fifth Element
Original Star Wars Trilogy

Aaaaaaanndddd I've also developed another TV obsession.....

Anyone watching?!



My favorite gifs right now.

(Found them here)


Could you love her or SHOW any more than tonight's episode??!!

SPN The Gathering!

Last year I started a monthly group of Supernatural fans to get together, just hoping we'd have coffee and talk about the show. Today we have 90+ people on FaceBook and about 15-20 people coming to the monthly events!

Today, as part of the October event, we got to hang out with "Gertrude"! She is very, very pretty and yes - she does purr!

Please help

Originally posted by queeberquabbler at Please help
I'm in a bad situation that is getting worse daily. I've mainly been Tweeting for help, and i don't have Facebook, though i know some friends have posted about it there. I'm a little leary of that because I'm trying to keep this from my folks. Why? Well, one, they have enough on their plates, two, they have already helped me pay for a new a/c unit earlier this year, and three, I'm incredibly ashamed. I'm scared that someone who knows them will see a Facebook listing and let them know, and yet i need to get the word out so....arrgh. So complicated. I need money that i don't feel i deserve because this is my mess. The depression is thrilled of course, laying on the blame and self-loathing in thick, heavy layers. I hate this. I'm not sleeping. My stomach is always churning with stress, so my IBS is out of control... ::heavy sigh:: Bitch, bitch, bitch, I know. And I'm sorry.

Anyway, if you want to read what's going on, go here. Some friends have already donated and I'm blown away by their generosity. You don't have to donate, of course, but if you could please spread the word, i'd be grateful. My Twitter name is @dluognej if you need it. In the meantime, PLEASE take care of yourselves. At least someone can be happy then xxx

P.S. if you're wondering how/why i went to Minncon, i paid for it with my tax return back in January.


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