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It's ok, you can laugh.

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My dad is and always has been a planner. And now that he and my mom have been retired for a couple of years, they been planning their funeral and deciding what they want for burial, etc. Some think its morbid and unfortunately a lot of families don't talk about it at all. I for one, am very glad my parents are open about it, and can even find some humor in it.

Case in point this weekend - Mom and Dad just bought a niche at a mausoleum and since all of us kids were home for the holiday, we took a quick car ride to see it. As we're riding over, I suggested that we take a picture of them in front of the niche for a "before" picture. We all just bust a gut laughing! Seriously - we all laughed SO DAMN HARD! Dad's follow up was "... and the after pic will coming in 30 years, so please be patient!" At this point we're all wheezing from laughing so hard!

mom dad niche

It's a beautiful place and doesn't have that oppressive somber feeling that some funeral homes have. We spent some time looking at some of the memorials and I thanked Mom and Dad for taking us here and more importantly, being open with all of us about their wishes.

Of course I had to post the picture on Facebook and of course my one aunt, bless her "we don't talk about these things without whispering!" heart, she commented only with a "Really?" which made us laugh all over again.

My family. :o)

Nov. 25th, 2014

The expression on my face while the credits of 10x7 are rolling:

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Composting Dead Bodies - YES!

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So I just had a birthday - Yay 45! Whoop! - and people may think it's morbid, but I do find this topic very interesting (it's the Scorpio in me). Even before I read Stiff: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers, I thought bodies being kept in a coffin and vault was creepy. The idea that my cells can be returned back to nature and help grow grass and trees makes a lot more sense. It also gives a freeing feeling that makes me happy!

I've always told my family that if anyone would like to remember me after I'm gone, I would rather have people plant a tree in my honor than sit in a graveyard staring at a stone.

While it's not for everyone, I would love to see this as a choice in the very near future!

Because Oswald Cobblepot...

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One of the reasons I'm watching Gotham.


Halloween and Con

Friday at work I came as Medusa! A bit more rock-n-roll than classic version, and you can't see all the other snakes I had in my hair. Turned out pretty good! I was the only one who dressed up, but that's not a surprise. Everyone there knows it's my favorite day!

halloween 2014

Today I went to a brainstorming session for CONvergence 2015. A handful of us Supernatural fans went to make sure there would be a panel and that a couple of us wanted to be panel mods.

The dystopian theme is "Double Plus One" from 1984 and other panel ideas included:
- The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse used in story lines (like SPN, Sleepy Hollow)
- The surge of women characters in dystopian story lines (Hunger Games, Divergent)
- SuperWhoLock and why it's so popular
- Thought Control - words used in ads and politics to sway your beliefs
- Basic fan panels for Constantine, Night Vale, Twin Peaks, Sleepy Hollow, Godzilla, Hunger Games, Disney villains, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, etc.

Sounds like a good year!

Heard them on MPR - sounds like this could be a really good album!


Halloween at the office

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My potions at the office!

potions 1
potions 2
potions 3

I was super excited to put them up because this is my favorite holiday and then Boss lady asked me cut the display by half. I may have been in a really bad mood for the rest of the day, biting my tongue on wanting to compare how much Christmas stuff we put up here. In case you don't know me well enough, I am a GRINCH when it comes to Christmas and all the commercial crap that comes with it. 'Course I could start in on all the glitter that seems to be popping up on Halloween merch now... *shudders*

Be ghoulish!
Be dark!
Be wicked!
and eat lots o candy!
Happy Halloween!


Surfing withdrawls

kiss that baby
It's been 10 DAYS. TEN. DAYS. since I've had home internet and I went through some wicked surfing withdrawl y'all. You can only do so much at work, especially when it's as crazy busy as its been.


OMG what did I miss?! I'm not doing anything tonight but surfing this big ol' world of internet!

Surprised Misha kitten


Happy Seal

New member of the family!

Ahhh!! My brother just got a new puppy!! I don't know if it's a boy or girl yet, but he named it.....



Seriously - how CUTE IS THAT PUPPY?!

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